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Mr Turner Hits the Big Screen

Mr Turner is out now in UK cinemas. Mike Leigh continues to bring to audiences his masterclass in performance and bringing out the best in his cast. Highlighted by Timothy Spall's Best Actor Award at Cannes 2014. Interviews with both Mike & Timothy are viewable by clicking on their names. Enjoy!

little madam launches

We are so excited about this! little madam has launched! A dedicated division offering exceptional new & talented, craft-driven artisans to the commercial market.

MADAM Exhibits

Celebrating our home grown talent with a one-off week long exhibition and special evening screening. Numbers are hotting up, make sure your name is down! Read on to find out more.

Team Hanås For Campaign's #CityLiveChallenge

We're embarking on something a little special in Manchester for Campaign's CityLive Challenge

de Sparengo's cracking Shot

The Shots Cannes edition has launched with a (ahem) cracking front cover shot by our very own Sean de Sparengo

JONES double up on Charlie Simpson Promo

Charlie Simpson's latest promo turns the mirror back on ourselves with Charlie playing multiple lead roles as a parody of himself and an alter ego that many could sympathise with. Expertly handled by directors, JONES, the film is brilliantly and cleverly observed. In fact, we'll bet you recognise not only faces but also a situation or two!

Sean De Sparengo makes it all things MADAM

A big warm welcome to our latest recruit, the very talented Sean De Sparengo. An armful of prestigious awards and a high-recognition for his live action and stills photography, Sean's passion and energy for his projects parallel MADAMS ethos. Campaign Magazine ranked him no.3 globally as a stills photographer and his live action has earnt him a well-respected place as a stunning visual director. We can’t wait to share more beautiful visual and engaging work from Sean, a new partnership has begun and we are terribly happy!

Courtney Love Trashes Hotel Room

Trashing a hotel room in a white dress, laden with glitter, mirror balls and some rock and rock guitar action-it can only be Courtney Love. Releasing her new single "You Know My Name" Courtney teamed up with MADAM director Maximilla Lukacs to create a beautiful and feminine head-banging hotel ravage.

Mr Turner selected for Cannes 2014

Good Luck and big MADAM congratulations to Mike Leigh and his latest feature "Mr Turner" selected for Cannes 2014. Mike Leigh and Ken Loach (Jimmy Hall) go head to head as the only two British selected films. Wishing you both the best of luck, but of course our MADAM money is on our very own Mr Leigh!

Mike Leigh Talks Turner

Mike Leigh discusses the inspiration of artist JMW Turner for his new film starring Timothy Spall set for late 2014 release

Barron of JONES gets personal with The Beak Street Bugle

Max Barron of JONES, gives an insight to his writing and directing career. This is the first profile film by The Beak Street Bugle, demonstrating why cheating and football is a must and Hackney is just too safe.

Here For You

RBS / Pat Holden

With seven locations over three days, two weeks before Christmas, our new commercial for RBS - directed by Pat Holden - was shot in Glasgow and a masterclass in production logisitics. It all began on day one with three locations and a crew of 65 and cast of 35.

#GetSarahBack goes Live At The Electric BBC3

The humiliation just took a BIG step! Nick Scott's online films have been commissioned for BBC3 and the sketches air in the new Live at the Electric series, so tune in: Fridays 11.45pm #GetSarahBack.

Nick Scott Shoots Hackney Colliery Band

The Hackney Colliery Band / Nick Scott

Taking the audience to the heart of the band, it doesn't get much closer than this. Putting the instruments and the music at the centre of the film, Nick and his team used no less than eight Go-Pro cameras in a co-ordinated way and let the edit be driven by the music to really appreciate the live band experience that the Hackney Colliery Band give in their performances. Nick says 'we wanted to try and do justice to that experience and also visually unpick the way they arrange their music'.

MADAM Tidings

Happy New Year from all the Madams! The final newsletter of 2013, the year MADAM launched! We can't thank everyone enough for the support they have shown us - our directors, our clients, our suppliers, our comrades in arms. We hope to do you even prouder in 2014. Here's to health, happiness and success in 2014!

Alex Winter Kickstarts Latest Doc

Documentary filmmaker, Alex Winter has launched news of his latest project - Deep Web: The Untold Story of Bitcoin and The Silk Road. The documentary is a definitive, behind-the-scenes account of an online world rarely scene by the everyman and woman. This is fascinating stuff! The Deep Web accounts for 96% of the World Wide Web, Bitcoin is a currency that exists outside government and bank control, Silk Road an online black market using encrypted technology to protect anonymity. You can be a part of it and join the community through Kickstarter, pledges are rewarded with signed material, screenings and credits.

A Bronzed MADAM

The Madams are absolutely over the moon to announce that our branding has won Bronze at Epica. We are immensely proud of our identity and can only once again thank all those at BETC London for their exceptional talents - you, dear friends are outstanding! Roll call: Simon Morris, Clive Pickering, Louise Sloper, Neil Dawson and not forgetting designer, Dave Towers and our very own Rory Carnegie!

Breaking....Baggage, the final installment in the lastest BetVictor campaign and it doesn't get much more madcap than this! Victor are Maurice are taking us to new places, all perfectly under the directorship of Russell Bates who loves to stretch his surreal directing arms whenever he can

The Maurice loveletter to Victor continues with the second installment of the new campaign pogo-ing onto our screens. The third and final film is imminent, stay tuned!



Maurice has landed! Our new campaign for BETVICTOR has launched with the first of three TVCs coming to your screens this August. Shot by Russell Bates, a director known for his comic timing and character development, we hope you'll agree that this is a fantastic next step in the series.

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Press Go Mad for MADAM Branding

The PR for our branding is out and we've had lots of coverage from Design Week, Shots, Creative Review, LBB Online & Campaign Brief to name a few. Created by the uber talented Simon Morris at BETC London alongside Clive Pickering, Louise Sloper & Neil Dawson. Not forgetting Dave Towers, supreme designer, who has beautifully brought it all together across our communications - Thank you, Lady & Gentlemen!

Baby Oil Spray

Johnson & Johnson / Maximilla Lukacs

Maximilla Lukacs has immediately launched into her first commercial for the Madams and it's a beautifully feminine example of how to bring a contemporary look and feel to a beauty ad for our friends at AMV/BBDO

Madam welcomes Maximilla Lukacs

MADAM is priviliedged to have signed the supremely talented director, Maximilla Lukacs, to our roster. A stylish and contemporary film-maker, Maximilla has an eye and sensibility that lends itself to fashion and beauty with great effect. Original, enigmatic and captivating, Maximilla has already shot her first commercial with us for Johnson & Johnson.

Latest work

BBC / Pat Holden

Our first MADAM production was helmed by Pat Holden for a series of internal films for the BBC. Casting the quite frankly, brilliant Doon Mackichan & Nicholas Burns, Pat has returned to his comedy roots.


Alex's well received documentary, DOWNLOADED opened SXSW2013 and is now available through it's international rollout via itunes. An appropriate platform for the film that discusses the download revolution and the company that started it all, Napster. In other news, the film will also be shown at The Raindance Festival. Be sure to check it out.

The Beak Street Bugle Meets The Madams

Online newspaper for the Ad World, The Beak Street Bugle, met the Madams as part of their series exploring start-ups in our industry. Get the lowdown here.

Tales of a MADAM

A great day for the MADAM house with the launch of our newly designed website c/o those clever people over at NEVERBLAND.  Take a look around, let us know what you think and come back often as we'll be updating the site regularly with not to be missed news and insights from your Madams


The continued success of directing collective JONES' feature, EVERYONE'S GOING TO DIE, is highlighted by Edinburgh Film Festival's decision to select the film for the 2013 programme. Hot off the back of one of six films chosen to open SXSW2013, the film has been well received and continues to get great reviews. Starring Nora Tschirner, Rob Knighton, Kellie Shirley, Madeline Duggan, Stirling Gallacher the film is written, directed, edited and produced by JONES.